Week 7

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

This is my last blog of the quarter – and the last insPiRation (see below) I’ll give this group of Strategic Public Relations Communication students. That means next week students are writing their last blog posts of the term.

I wonder what they’re feeling? My guess based on previous classes: relief twinged with sadness with a side of pride. The twice-weekly blogging assignment is typically daunting at first. But then as students find their voices and delve into their theme they typically find it’s not as scary as they feared. They also find that the things they thought they’d blog about they typically don’t. Blogging requires planning, but it also requires flexibility. They realize they can immerse themselves in their passions and PR at the same time, and that in fact PR is hiding (or not) in most issues of the day and industries of the moment.

The main thing students realize is that writing consistently makes you a better writer. No one I know ever continues their blog from this class, despite some grand plans. But what I do hope will continue is the discipline of writing weekly and applying a critical PR lens to what’s going on in the world. I also hope students hold onto the idea that hard work and engagement with learning engenders confidence and that adhering to that cycle can help them be successful after college. And that’s my real final inspiration of the term.

Food…Ad & PR…Entertainment…
Paul Newman Who? Salad Dressing Company Adjusts to Reach Millennials (The New York Times)
What do you think about the new strategy by Newman’s Own to reach millennials? How did Paul Newman set the original standard for celebrity do-gooder projects – and how is it different than such projects by today’s celebrities? Will Millennial foodies flock to Newman’s Own once they know more about it?

Entertainment… Music…
“I Would’ve Voted For Trump.” And With That, Kanye West Begins His 2020 Campaign for President (Quartz.com)
What do you make of Kanye’s comments – serious political beliefs or publicity stunt? How could this affect his relationship with his fans? Will fans who hold different political beliefs respect him for speaking his mind or not? Will fans be confused by these comments which seem contradictory to other comments he’s made about political figures?

Musician Blasts Racism in Speech, After Receiving ‘Brown People’ Award (Mashable)
How do you think Aaradhna’s reaction to receiving this award will affect (positively or negatively) her relationship with fans and potential fans? Should the NZ Music Awards do some damage control?

Foreign affairs…
More Than 190 Countries Just Subtweeted Trump on the Paris Climate Agreement (Mashable)
The election of Donald Trump raises many questions for U.S. foreign policy. What do you think of the PR offensive by 190 countries at Marrakech 2016 regarding their message that climate change is real and that they’ll abide by the Paris Climate Agreement? Will it persuade Trump to change course? Or are the aims (and audiences) of the 190 countries different? More broadly, how will changing U.S. foreign policy cause other nations to change their foreign policy PR?

Nonprofits Opposed to Trump’s Ideology See a Surge in Donations (The New York Times)
How can the nonprofits mentioned in this article turn this surge in donations into something sustained? How should these nonprofits build on newfound interest in them to maintain relationships with these new audiences?

Ready to Rock #GivingTuesday? Don’t Neglect These Five Promotion Strategies (PritchardCommunications.com)
What do you think of these strategies? How could a specific nonprofit you are familiar with make use of each of these five strategies?

Cosmetics & skin care..
A Beauty Product Certification That Goes Beyond “Organic” Is Coming Your Way (well+good)
Do you think U.S. consumers will go for products labeled biodynamic? What does the Demeter Association have to do to educate environmentally conscious beauty consumers about biodynamic farming, especially when there’s already confusion about “natural,” “organic” and the like?

Urban Outfitters Settles With Navajo Nation After Illegally Using Tribe’s Name (The Guardian)
I hadn’t heard about this lawsuit until now… will news of it and Urban Outfitter’s legal arguments hurt its brand? What do you think of the Navajo Nation agreeing to a licensing deal now that the lawsuit is settled?

The J.Crew Bridal Dress is Dead. But the Casual Wedding It Inspired Lives On. (The Washington Post)
Without knowing the financials, do you think it was a good PR move or not for J.Crew to cancel its bridal line? Do you think J.Crew’s success in changing the wedding industry helped attract new audiences? How did J.Crew skillfully read the zeitgeist and how social media was changing society?

Designer Sophie Theallet Says She Won’t Dress Melania Trump (Mashable)
Regardless of your personal political views, what do you think of this story from a PR perspective? Is Theallet creating danger or opportunity for her brand? Do consumers respect companies and brands that live their values – and does it depend whether the consumers agree or disagree with those values?

A Christian Mom Blogger Announces She’s Dating Soccer Star Abby Wambach (The Washington Post)
Glennon Doyle Melton was getting a lot of press the past two months – and that was before she announced she’s dating Abby Wambach. What do you think this announcement means for Wambach’s image?

Jaguar Shows Off Electric Concept Car in Virtual Reality (Mashable)
Is this the new trend in car reveals? Why is using virtual reality effective for auto promotion?


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