Season’s end

The end of the quarter is nigh.
That means the last week of my students’ blog (unless they feel so into blogging at this point that they just can’t stop.) Which will totally happen. So my advice, is take it to the next level. One of my favorite blogs, Mac’s List, has great advice this week on 7 Smart Ways to Market Your Social Change Blog, whether or not you blog about nonprofits. We’ve just scratched the surface with blogging – there’s so much more to learn.

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Speaking of learning, as part of the whole blogging thing students also created personal branding social media plans this term. The plans detailed by strategic, tactic and platform the steps they’d take to integrate their social media use and their blog to learn about and show familiarity with their chosen topic as it relates to the PR industry. (If you read my weekly insPiRation links, you can see what topics they chose.) Always, students write ambitious personal social media plans; usually, they find it hard to keep up. That’s part of the point, realizing how much goes into strategic social media. So this week students will reflect on what they learned:
What was challenging? What was useful? Did certain platforms matter more to their industry than they thought? Did they follow their editorial calendar, and if not, why? Which platforms worked as planned for which strategies, and which didn’t? Was something unexpected? What did they learn about strategic social media overall? Read their blogs this week to find out.

Oh, and you can also read their responses to my weekly insPiRation.

K-Thier out. (Mic drop.)

Wine… beverage…
Can the Pop-Top Wine Can Survive Its Faddish Stage? (The Washington Post)
Another week at PRMinders, another wacky rosé story. Why is the pop-top wine going Back to the Future? What role do Millennials and craft beer culture play? What’s the scenario?

Women’s Fitness…
Women Shuts Down Haters With Honest Weight Loss Instagram Photos (Mashable)
How have individuals’ stolen women fitness magazines’ thunder in the age of social media? How can social media promote and encourage, and also discourage women from becoming fit?

Fashion…tech…women’s fitness…
How K-Deer Became an Instagram It-brand (Well+Good)
How did K-Deer use Instagram to break into the athleisurewear phenomenon? Can fashion start-ups beat out lululemon using social media – or is it just because K-Deer’s patterns are just so visually appealing? What do you make of the fact that the founders runs the Instagram?

Say Hello to Menswear Influencers: The Male Fashionistas of Instagram (The Guardian)
How has Instagram changed the fashion industry (in yet another way)? What do you make of fashion labels paying these fashionistas – and will that hurt or help the fashionistas’ personal brands?

TV & Cinema…
Idina Menzel Reacts to Campaign to Give Frozen’s Elsa a Girlfriend (US Magazine)
How do you think Menzel’s stance will affect her relationship with her fans – and with Disney? Will her move pressure Disney? What do you think of the #GiveElsaAGirlfriend campaign? Can “family-friendly” Disney afford to make a princess a lesbian? What would it give up, but also gain by taking this tack?

TV & Cinema… Tech… Ad & PR…
‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Takes Over Snapchat Lenses (The New York Times)
Smart ad choice or dumb PR move for X-Men and/or Snapchat? Will non-X-Men fans lose faith in Snapchat? What does it mean more broadly that social media advertising may become immersive rather than just there?

Tech… Ad & PR…
Which Agency Should Manage a Brand’s Social Media Programs? (Advertising Age)
As ad and PR intersect more than ever, should ad professionals or PR professionals manage a client’s social media? Why?

SOJC’s own Damian Radcliffe breaks down social media trends for 2016. Impact for PR professionals?

Race… Ad & PR…
Chinese Laundry Detergent Ad Incites Fury Online for Being Blatantly Racist (Mashable)
Chinese Detergent Ad Draws Charges of Racism (The New York Times)
Okay, not much you can say here. Except… are there any cross-cultural PR angles that might be overlooked? In today’s global, digital world can Qiaobi claim not to realize that this is offensive? How can “local” brands get the sensitivity they need for their ad campaigns (in order to prevent PR failures)?

TV & Cinema… Race…
‘Ghostbusters’ steps Right Into the Hostility of Gender Politics (The New York Times)
What do you make of Sony’s stance? Are PR execs there right to not allow the company to become a pawn in the presidential campaign? Will that decision undercut its standing with women? Does Sony need to take a greater stand against the mysoginystic backlash? What about the charges of racial bias – and what about Leslie Jones’ reply to them?

Exxon Investors Seek Assurance as Climate Shifts, Along With Attitudes (The New York Times)
How are corporate social responsibility and investor relations intersecting for Exxon? What do you think Exxon should do – and why?

Events… sports…
125 Health Experts Call for Rio Olympics to be Relocated or Postponed (The Huffington Post)
It just keeps getting worse. How should the IOC handle this from a PR perspective? Is Hope Solo and her reputation vindicated for saying she’d boycott the Olympics?

Jennie Finch to Make History By Managing Independent Baseball Team (
Seems like a PR win for Jennie Finch and the Bridgeport Bluefish, right? Or is it? Can’t a woman manage a baseball team for real and a major at that? Does MLB have a woman problem?

College sports…sports…
Ole Miss’s Public Relations Wizardry Should Save It From Public Judgment, But Not NCAA Sanctions (Sports Illustrated)
Discuss Ole Miss’s handling of its crisis. Sound PR? Or will it backfire?

Charity Navigator Tweaks Its Rating System (The New York Times)
Since many nonprofits “consider the rating ‘absolutely critical to attract new resources and donors,’ ” how will these changes affect nonprofits’ PR efforts?

Icelandair’s New Buddy System Better Than a Bag of Pretzels (Boston Globe)
“Earlier this year Icelandair introduced its Stopover Buddy Service. It’s a first-of-its-kind program where travelers can request to be paired with an employee of the airline to get a perspective of the country that is impossible on a bus with 50 other tourists… Buddies are based on availability and aren’t guaranteed, but if you get one, you could wind up exploring a part of the island country with anyone from a baggage handler to the CEO of the company.” Is this genius PR or what? Why is this such a great PR move – both for the airline and Icelandic tourism officials – in the digital age? How does this jibe with Millennials’ desire for “craft” experiences?


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