Week 8 madness

This term my students’ infographics were the strongest as a group I’ve seen. So as they finish up their social media audits and conversations analysis reports and then prepare presentations on them, I thought I’d share an infographic on conquering public speaking anxiety. To me, the best tip here is “RESHIFT: Ask yourself “What does my audience need to know about the topic?” and “How can I ensure they get the information they need?” It dovetails with what we talked about it class, the Presentation Zen method. It’s all about audience and message, baby. Can’t wait to see how you engage us the last day of class.

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Sea-Tac Airpot to Hire 90 Contractors to Help Shrink Security Lines (The Seattle Times)
Sea-Tac is apparently the fastest-growing airport of its size. So what are its PR challenges and opportunities (including long security lines)?

Events… sports…
When a Country in Turmoil Hosts the Olympics (The New York Times)
What special PR challenges are there for a country in turmoil to host an event of this magnitude? How can Brazil allay concerns about Zika and its politics to put its best foot forward to the world?

Sports…race…college sports
ESPN’s The Undefeated Debuts And It’s A Must Read (All Digitocracy)
What do you think of ESPN’s idea for a separate website on sports, race, pop culture and historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs)? What PR goals at ESPN do you think are driving this new journalistic endeavor? Is the criticism about no stories on female or LGBTQ athletes fair or is it too early to level that charge? Do HBCUs get the sports coverage they deserve in other media?

Muirfield Removed From British Open Rotation After Vote Against Women (The Wall Street Journal)
Why did the Royal and Ancient take so long to take a stand? Why can golf not afford to offend women now, even regarding the male athlete tours? Is this gender equity?


How Sports Fans Are Using Facebook Reactions (News Whip)
Pick one of the emotions: How could the teams on that list use their standing to their advantage? What PR challenges and opportunities come with fans’ engagement with them on social media?

Apple Shifts From Genius Bars to Genius Groves, Hoping People Linger (The New York Times)
What do you think about the Genius Grove idea? Will Apple customers miss the old Genius Bars, like the new services or not care but keep buying iPhones? What are the PR challenges for an iconic company like Apple as it makes changes for business reasons?

Tech…TV & Cinema… Ad & PR…
ABC, AwesomenessTV and Upfronts: The Premature Death of Networks and Rebirth of ‘Networks’ (Forbes)
“The successful video networks of the future should not and will not be defined by their transmission platform – broadcast, cable, online, mobile or social. These lines are getting blurrier every day. The test will come on how well you procure, distribute and monetize the content you provide no matter where or how it is consumed.” – So what does that mean for advertisers? For entertainment industry PR professionals?

A Traveler’s Guide to Social Media (The Wall Street Journal)
So social media can help travelers in surprising ways (see article). But if you were the PR person for the airline, winery, hotel, restaurant on the receiving end of a traveler’s social media, how would you respond? (Of course, it would depend on the situation.) But what are the challenges and opportunities for PR professionals in the tourism business (broadly speaking) of travelers as broadcasters?

UPDATE: Feds Charge Canadians With Violating Yellowstone Rules (LaramieLive.com)
Adventure Group Responds to Yellowstone Backlash With Donation Hashtag (K2 Radio)
What do you think of the clothing company High on Life’s crisis communication response? Will the hashtag #DonationforYellowstone be seen as credible? (PS – Read some of the comments on social media  mentioned in the article.)

Beverage… Ad & PR…
Bartender, There’s a Logo in My Drink (The New York Times)
Thoughts on the new twist (pun intended) on cocktails and branding? What about this bit? – “I was amazed by how many guests were taking pictures of it,” Mr. Young said. “In an age of Instagram, it’s hard to ignore free publicity.”

Sure, Why Not? Nike and Starbucks Team for Coffee-Themed Sneakers (Fast Company)
It was only a matter of time. Two companies with UO ties are teaming up: the coffee-inspired sneaker is actually a thing. Weird? Wacky? Groovy? Must have? Will this be a #PRFail or #PRWin for two admired brands?

It’s Officially Rosé Season: Here’s Where and Why You Should Be Drinking It on Tap (The Huffington Post)
What do you think about this wine on tap trend? How could PR pros in the wine industry promote this in general or locally? Why are wine promoters taking a cue from craft beer culture?

The Rise of Millennials Engaging in Online Slacktivism (Institute for Public Relations)
What are the challenges and opportunities for nonprofits regarding the trend of Millennials engaging in online slacktivism?

Women’s fitness…
How Women Took Over the World of Running (The Wall Street Journal)
Discuss how a celebrity, social cause activism, and fitness apparel companies responding to their female audiences changed running in the U.S.

How a Mexican Startup is Turning Mango Scraps Into Nutritional Gold (Forbes)
The food from food waste is a new trend in sustainability and agriculture. If you were EatLimmo’s PR people, how would you promote the company and its mission (besides patting yourself on the back for getting a story in Forbes)? How is PR for companies with social missions different than CSR for companies without them?


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