This has never happened before. Really.
I’m totally at a loss for a blog topic.
I think it’s because I’m in the midst of a different huge writing project that’s due in a week and I can’t focus on much else. But still.

I’ve thought about the news, about Prince’s sudden death, about teaching and writing… and I still can’t come up with something.  I’m going to chalk it up to this other looming writing project and pretend not to be scared that this week the well has run dry. Because there’s always looming deadlines for writing projects of all sizes. As long as you do your reporting and stay in the world by reading writer’s block is a myth. (Or so I have told myself.)

Maybe I need to go for some walks or meditate. Or stop eating potato chips.

So J452 students, I hope this doesn’t happen to you this week. Just to make sure it doesn’t, here’s your weekly insPiRation:

Event planning…
Event Planning Industry Shows Staying Power (Greenwich Time)
The growth rate for event planners is expected to grow faster than the national average for all occupations. Why? In today’s world where technology can do so many things and DIY culture thrives why do people still  seek professional event planners? How can event planners differentiate themselves?

Race and diversity…
Twitter Users React to Harriet Tubman’s New Place on the $20 Bill (PR Daily)
What do you think about the debates? Why is currency PR, literally? What audiences is the Treasury Department trying to reach?

College sports… sports… 
How Morgan Stanley is Helping Student-Athletes Plan for the Future (USA Today)
Why is this a good PR move for Morgan Stanley? How does this fit into the larger battles over student-athletes and whether they should be paid?

Ad & PR… TV & Cinema…
Disney’s Savvy Marketing of ‘The Jungle Book’ (The New York Times)
What do you think of Disney’s marketing of ‘The Jungle Book’? Is this what’s needed to push through the fog of our oversaturated media environment?

Environment… TV & Cinema….
Leonardo DiCaprio Makes a Bold Earth Day Plea for Climate Action (Mashable)
According to the article, “DiCaprio is a U.N. Messenger of Peace, and his charity foundation focuses on environmental issues, including climate change.” Does DiCaprio speaking out to politicians drive change? Is this just a calculated ploy by DiCaprio to bolster his image or do you think he cares about the Earth? What is the role of celebrity voice on social issues?

10 Ways to Be a Greener Traveler, Even if You Love to Fly (The New York Times)
How might PR practitioners in the industry you follow capitalize on these tips to attract new audiences? What messages can companies send about environmentalism that enhance their strategic purpose?

Keurig’s New K-Cup Coffee is Recyclable, But Hardly Green (The New York Times)
What do you think of Keurig’s move? How challenging is it for companies to make substantive sustainability changes? Does Keurig have a PR problem or do people just want their convenient coffee?

Wine…beverage… environment…
Study Finds Climate Change Could Be Leading to Better Wine (NPR)
While this is good news for wine drinkers in the short run, it isn’t good news for wine drinkers as Earth dwellers in the long run. Is this a PR issue for the wine industry? Is there a way wine PR pros could turn this into a PR opportunity that underscores winemakers’ care for the land?

Ad & PR… environment…
Seventh Generation Taps Maya Rudolph for its Biggest Campaign Yet (The New York Times)
Now that being green is in what are the challenges and opportunities for long-time “green” brands?

Women’s fitness… Ad & PR… fashion…
Athleta’s New Campaign Wants You To Embrace #Squadgoals (Well + Good)
and Gap Inc.’s Athlete Debuts First TV Spot (Advertising Age)
What do you think about this campaign – will it help Athlete reach its audiences? Or is it a shameless ploy? Do Athleta’s customers need this inspiration? If you identify as female, how do you feel about brands using “female empowerment” to sell workout clothes?

Ad & PR…
Yoga in the Morning? This Ad Knows You Ain’t Got Time For That (Mashable)
Why is this ad so smart? Do you think women will identify with it?

Sports… Ad & PR… Fashion…
Brand Managers Set Their Sights on NBA Jerseys (PR Daily)
Is this a good PR move for the NBA? Or will fans turn away in disgust? If other sports’ leagues do it does it make it okay – or will the NBA’s audiences react differently? As a fan, do you want to wear a jersey with a commercial on it?

ESPN Finally Grows Tired of Curt Schilling’s Barbed Language (The New York Times)
Do you agree with ESPN’s decision? Should athletes who are stars in their own right before they work for media have the right to express their own political and personal beliefs? Why did ESPN react differently to Bomani Jones wearing a “Caucasian” shirt?

HOW TO: Get Your Nonprofit Started on Snapchat (Nonprofit Tech for Good)
Great tips here. What’s your favorite and why? Take a nonprofit you know and tell us your idea for how it could use one of the tips. How is technology helping nonprofits, which often don’t have huge PR budgets, tell their stories and reach their audiences?

Girl Scouts Appoints Christine Cea as Chief Communications Executive (PR Newser)
Why do PR professionals speak about purpose? What PR challenges and opportunities face the Girl Scouts in the next 100 years (or so)?

REI Opens Disaster Relief Center in Nepal a Year After Devastating Earthquake (Mashable)
Is this a PR win for REI Adventures? Or will some people see it as exploitative? What are the PR challenges when wealth First World residents “tour” in less developed places?

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