As you can tell by my blog title, I’m feeling a little frenzied.
Truth be told, I actually have had “whew” and “another whew” as my working blog title the past three weeks. This week was the first I let it stand. I probably shouldn’t be admitting this.

For some reason, this term has seemed to move at warp speed. I’m not the only one who thinks this. Nearly every student or colleague I’ve talked to agrees. The zeitgest of Spring Term 2014 is that it’s moved too quickly.

Courtesy of Lainey Powell (Flickr Creative Commons)

Courtesy of Lainey Powell (Flickr Creative Commons)

And the next few weeks will fly by even faster. Just three more classes and some portfolio reviews and the term will be over. That means this is the last time I share insPiRation this term. And my students have just one last round of blogs to write.

As I wrote in the beginning, I love finding articles to share that spark students’ interests. Finding music, travel, craft beer, cinema, food, nutrition and global health stories with PR angles forced me to read the news differently than last term. And it’s always fun to keep up with sports, fashion and social media. I loved watching students grow and improve as writers as they blogged. Each student is a stronger blogger than when he or she started.

So despite the crush of term’s end, give these last posts everything you’ve got. Slow down and show me everything you’ve learned.

(Classical!) Music & social media…
Met’s Orchestra Players Turn to Social Media (The New York Times)
My favorite story of the week! Old school going new school. Discuss.

(Pop) Music & social media…
The Pop King (Still) Rises: Social Legacy of Michael Jackson (Forbes)
MJ is the fourth most popular artist on Facebook – say what?! Why does a dead star have a social media presence? What does it say about the power of social media marketing?

Food & social media & public health…
Yelp Reviews Help Track Food Illnesses (The New York Times)
The article discusses a great way to utilize the data from social media to improve public health. What are the implications for brands/businesses? For customers?

Social media…
This Is What Happens When You Pester Your Friends For Their Relationship Status With Facebook’s New ‘Ask’ Button (The Washington Post)
More reasons to hate on Facebook. Is it more damage to Facebook’s brand worth the targeted ads?

Travel & social media…
Why Conde Nast Traveler is Taking the Platform Approach (Digiday)
What do you think of Conde Nast’s new strategy? With anyone able to share travel stories through social media are websites like Conde Nast’s relevant, even with an updated strategy?

Food…nutrition…public health…
U.N. Food Chief: Obesity, Unhealthy Diets a Greater Threat Than Tobacco (Los Angeles Times)
How could the U.N. and partners launch an effective public relations campaign to turn back the tide on obesity and bad eating habits?

Beer…gender equity…corporate communications…
Jury Rules Against Former Anheuser-Busch Comms Veep in Equal Pay Case (PRNewser)
How might this story affect Anheuser-Busch brands, if at all?

Fashion & corporate social responsibility…
Levi’s CEO: Stop Washing Your Jeans (Mashable)
How often do you wash your jeans? What do you think of Levi’s’ other sustainability efforts?

Sports… social responsibility…image management…politics…
Qatar’s Deadly World Cup (The Diplomat)
Lots of interesting PR snafus and issues here to discuss. How can large sports organizations balance the needs of all stakeholders without hurting their image?

Sports… tourism…social responsibility
Exploring the Social and Environmental Challenges as Brazil Prepares for Two Sports Spectacles (The New York Times)
Another look at how preparation for big sporting events raises social responsibility and image management challenges. But this article includes tourism issues too.

Food…nutrition…social media…
McDonald’s Horrifies Twitter With New Happy Meal Mascot (Ragan)
A #PRfail as McDonald’s makes its Happy Meals more nutritious. If the character design worked in France, why was it do disliked here? What could McDonald’s have done differently?

Cinema & advertising…
Artist Takes Movie Posters a Little Too Literally (Mashable)A fun look at re-imagined movie posters. But what if movie posters looked like this? Might it help break through the advertising clutter? Do move posters have their own brand and if so, should it change?

Fashion & social media…
Millennials, Fashion and Brand Loyalty: What Does It All Mean? (PRNewser)
Interesting data. Apparently, it’s not all about social media.

Social media & measurement & brands…
Pinterest Unveils New Tech to Become More Measurable for Brands (Advertising Age)
What do you think? Good for brands, annoying/helpful for customers?

Beverages… advertising… athletics… nutrition…
Zico’s New Coconut Water Pitch: Spandex Not Necessary (The New York Times)
What’s your take on Zico’s new ad strategy?

If I Were 22: 80+ Influencers Share Lessons From Their Youth (LinkedIn)
I dig the correct use of the subjunctive in the headline. But I digress. Any thoughts stand out to you as you contemplate your career?

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